Elephant Gin T-shirts

Elephant Gin T-shirts

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100% cotton T-shirts with 3 different designs and made with pride in Kenya by Wildlife Works. Wildlife Works protects wildlife, forests and community projects.

Variety (available in M & L):
Elephant London Dry Gin (red print) - round neck 
Elephant Strength Gin (blue print) - round neck 
Elephant Sloe Gin (purple print) - V-neck fitted 

Size guide:

M - Length: 75cm. Width: 51cm. Sleeve: 22cm. Shoulder: 15cm.
L - Length: 78cm Width: 53cm. Sleeve: 23cm. Shoulder: 15cm.
XL - Length: 78cm Width: 58cm. Sleeve: 24cm. Shoulder: 15cm.

M - Length: 67cm. Width: 45cm. Sleeve: 17cm. Shoulder: 10cm.
L  - Length: 70cm. Width: 47cm. Sleeve: 17cm. Shoulder: 10cm.