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Maasai beads meaning

Elephant Sloe Gin bottle comes with artisanal beaded strings made by Maasai ladies in Kenya. The traditional craft of beadwork accompanies the tribe members throughout their life; often with patterns and colours symbolising marital or social status.

Different bead colours can be used during the composing work with each carrying a specific meaning. On Elephant Sloe Gin bottles we offer 3 eye-catching combinations: green with black and white, white with blue and red, and a multicoloured one with yellow and orange.

Find out more about colour meaning below:
Green – the colour of grass – symbolises land and production
Black – symbolises the people and their struggles
White – peace, health and purity
Blue – the colour of the sky – signifies energy
Red – bravery, unity and blood
Yellow – represents the sun, fertility and growth
Orange – signifies friendship, generosity and warmth