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Hello to Robin & Tessa!

The team behind Elephant Gin are Robin and Tessa Gerlach, who were inspired to create Elephant Gin following their own travels in Africa. That’s were they got to meet elephant conservation activists, inspiring them to start a business that gives back. With a vision to conserve the wildlife they feel so passionate about, the couple decided to launch a product that would combine conservation work with producing an African-inspired gin.

As Tessa recalls: ‘At an evening campfire when I met Digs Pascoe, CEO of Space for Elephants Foundation, in South Africa 2011. Amongst other things, he told me about the realities of elephant and rhino poaching. I doubt I will ever meet someone again who leaves such a mark on me as he did that evening. I actually left the campfire a different person – the encounter changed my whole life around. Since that day I have been determined to help support wildlife conservation on both a personal and business level.’