Elephant Gin bottles that carry the name “Mandleve” are truly special – they are named after the greatest tusker of the Kruger National Park. Mandleve was given his name by the Tsonga word for “Ears” as a result of the noticeable tear in his left ear. His tusks are the heaviest ever recorded at the KNP:

Left tusk: length: 236,3cm and weight: 69 kg
Right tusk: length: 233,3cm and weight: 73.5 kg

Mandleve was generally found in the Skukuzua area – south west of the KNP, but also roamed around the Sabi Sabi, a private adjoining reserve. He was generally quite relaxed and tolerated a close proximity of tourists, which is why there are a good number of photos of him available. He died of old age in September 1993 at approximately 56 years of age next to the Sabi river.

Photo taken by Darryl Balfour.